How to register or renew serial on PolyXGO?

 06/10/2017  06/10/2017

Current, PolyXGO support method RENEW for services on your account manager.

For services have remain license you can renew or not. If renew is approve your license will expand to new date expire with remain day before.

Notice about services/ software at PolyXGO:
- Software PolyXGO Tshirts - Crawler after 30 day you need to renew for get new serial (it's free 100% but this action is require).
- Data email top 10,000 reviewers tại Amazon location (US, UK, CA, JP...) will support free for Amazon seller (FBA). Data is syncing 3 day/ session if you want to notification you can register account at PolyXGO.

For renew your services, check image below plesea