CustomCat vs Printful Best Site to Sell T-Shirt Designs?

 05/10/2019  05/10/2019
Custom t-shirts are big business and lots of people are using them to create brand awareness for their small business.

The Fashion and Apparel Industry Report anticipates that by 2022, the industry should grow from $481.2 billion to $712.9 billion. For that reason, it is a great time to jump into selling custom designed shirts.

Should you use Customcat or Printful for selling your custom t-shirt designs?

Both companies offer you the ability to design custom t-shirts and products & are among best print on demand websites. They both integrate with the main ecommerce sites as well.

In this post, we’ll review the ease of design, pricing, customer support, and integration with an ecommerce platform.

From there, you can decide which option is better for your business.


The Pricing

You can launch your tee-shirt business on Printful with no costs.

This enables you to test out designs and determine which ones to market.

Printful allows you to upload a picture and sell it on your website or through social media immediately.

This enables you to start earning money right away.

Instead of charging a monthly fee, Printful will make money from each sale that you make.

After you select a product to sell, Printful provides you with a starting retail price for that product.

Printful offers a wide variety of different brand shirts that you can use for your designs.

Each product lists the information about it including the pricing, colors, shipping location, and reviews.

This can help you determine the quality and price of the shirts you want to offer.

Printful is an excellent option because you can select high quality shirts. The prices are competitive.

While some competitors may be less expensive, you will be sacrificing quality.

Printful’s pricing allows for plenty of profit.

Therefore, you definitely should be able to create a profit with the Printful sales that you make.

While custom printing is always a bit more expensive, most consumers are willing to pay extra for a unique design.

The Sample Order

If you are selling shirts, you want to ensure quality.

The best way to do that is through ordering a sample of your design.

Printful allows you to receive a 20% discount off of the sample orders. This allows you to see what you’ll be promoting.

For each sample order, you will receive two products. Printful limits sample orders to one each month.

However, if you are integrated with an ecommerce platform and generating more than $300 from the previous month, they will allow you to order more than one sample.


Printful enables a simple online design process. Simply, select a new order from the dashboard and upload the products.

Then select the size, add text, and upload the design file that you’d like printed on the canvas.

Printful provides you with excellent recommendations for what will be good to upload.

For example, not every random JPEG is going to be the right size to print on canvas. You’ll want a large JPEG or PNG that you can export from a RAW file.

This can easily be done through Lightroom or Photoshop.

After you have chosen the right print quality, you can crop the photo and continue with the design.

Printful provides mockups of the products to show your customers what it will look like in a real world setting.

The image below shows how you can select an image and text or clip art to the canvas. Printful allows you to print the design on the front, back, or the sleeves.

Finally, place your custom order or save it to your online store. If you have connected Printful to your ecommerce store, it will sync automatically.


Printful integrates well with ecommerce platforms. Printful can sync products with Shopify, WooCommerce, and all the major ecommerce platforms.

Customer Support

Based on online reviews, there are compliments and complaints about the Printful customer service. The overall consensus is that Printful is better than the competition when it comes to customer support.

Printful has a website FAQ page to assist its customers. It also has a blog with resources for printing tips, embroidery files, and facts about fabric.

Printful’s shipping is fast. The return policy that Printful uses covers the majority of situations where Printful may be at fault.

The Printful support team is available to help you weekdays via phone. They also have online live chat through their website as well as an email option for support.

Who Should Consider Printful?

Printful is an ideal custom printing service for anyone who is interested in dropshipping tee-shirts.

It easily and quickly will link to your website.

You can also order affordable samples and integrate it with you ecommerce store.

Printful is great for the newbie to dropshipping. You can learn more in this Printful review.


Customcat is a printing company with a passionate commitment to customization fulfillment. They offer 3D dye diffusion, embroidery, as well as printing.

They decorate using Aeoon Direct to Garment printers. Therefore, their printing services are fast.

CustomCat is the only digital printer in the USA to offer 1200 dpi resolution on apparel with a soft-hand feel.

CustomCat uses embroidery technology, which ensures sew files are created correctly for each different fabric type. This allows for on-demand caps, jackets, bags, and polos.

CustomCat also is able to print on polyester. They feature dye sublimation technology which allows for printing on cell phone cases, mugs, jewelry, and hairbrushes.


CustomCat offers a free version, known as CustomCat Lite, and a paid version. The paid version is $30 per month.

By subscribing to CustomCat’s paid version, you’ll have access to t-shirts and products at a lower price. This allows you to sell them with a higher margin.

CustomCat’s prices are reasonable. The cost of t-shirts for CustomCat starts at $6.00. The price of mugs starts at $3.50, and the cost of hoodies starts at $16.50.

CustomCat is a cheaper print on demand alternative to Printful.


Customcat gives you design guidelines to follow. You upload your design. They don’t have a feature to create your design with text and clipart. You can select three types of methods for decoration – sublimation, embroidery, and direct to garment.

CustomCat features the following brands:

Adidas Golf
Bella + Canvas
Code V

You can place your design on the following products:

Polo Shirts
Warm Ups


CustomCat integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and API Integration.​

Customer Support

CustomCat provides support via phone, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 6:30pm Eastern Time. They also provide customer support via email at

CustomCat Vs Printful – Final Verdict?

Printful is our recommendation.

While both CustomCat and Printful have a great variety of products to customize and integrate well with ecommerce platforms, the Printful design process is easier.

It also allows you to design with clipart and text. Printful also allows you to add designs to the front, back, and sleeves. This gives you more flexibility in your shirt design.

Printful also offers you the ability to use their platform without any extra monthly fees.

CustomCat charges a bit more for people who are not paying $30 per month for their service.

CustomCat and Printful both received mixed reviews, however, Printful support seemed slightly better.

Therefore, we recommend Printful for starting your online t-shirt business.


By Sam Zaman