Introduce about PolyXGO Tshirts Service

 08/10/2017  08/10/2017

PolyXGO Tshirts Service is a services provide tshirts data all platform for your site (Sunfrog, Teezily, TeeChip, TeeSpring, Customcat...). This data help you auto build affiliate site/ shopping online (affiliate/ not).

Note: current, this service support data only Sunfrog site which use by PolyXGO Tshirts (download here) - WordPress plugin. For other platforms: Teezily, TeeSpring, TeeChip... PolyXGO will update in the future.

With plugin and software Poly Tshirts Crawler (download here - FREE 100%) you can create a website or more site look like with auto.

PolyXGO Tshirts service working with two application

1. Plugin PolyXGO Tshirts. -> Support WordPress site only (current).
2. Software auto syncing tshirts data from or PolyXGO service. This version support sync data direct from Sunfrog is PolyXGO Tshirts - Crawler v6.8.0.0 (download here - FREE 100%)
---> Support export tshirts data to JSON format. You can use data for plugin PolyXGO Tshirts (import) or import to other your site.
---> Support get tshirts data by categories in source site (Sunfrog).
---> Support get tshirts data by keywords, list keyword, build your site by niche.
---> Support extensions expand method. Ex: extension ExportDataByFormat v1.0 help you export your data to custom format .csv, .txt. You can use them for other software post or share your data to socials... (Ex: tools auto post data to Pinterest, facebook, google+...). Extensions expand by community require/ suggest or private require.
---> Post multiple data to your site by API's (WordPress site) support by

Other system (without WordPress CMS)

You can use API's branch by PolyXGO Tshirts Service for build your site or your plugins. For private require you can contact to me to do that at PolyXGO (please add friend me first then inbox to me).